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Use Landing Pages With Offline Campaigns

Use Landing Pages With Offline Campaigns

By now, you’ve probably heard about landing pages . These are the web pages people responding to your ads are directed to.

You know that you’ll get better results from your online campaigns by directing people to a targeted and relevant page – instead of just dumping them onto your homepage and hoping they figure out how to take the next step.

But landing pages don’t have to be limited to your online campaigns. You can use a targeted landing page for your offline campaigns, too. This includes print advertisements, outdoor advertising, radio ads, and local TV spots.

Why invest the time to make a separate page for all your different marketing campaigns? Here are two reasons that are pretty hard to argue with.

Landing Pages Convert Better

Including your website address – or URL - in your print and other offline campaigns is a good first step when you jump into online marketing. But there’s one big problem with sending people to your website’s homepage: you aren’t really giving them what they want.

Think about it: your homepage has to be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people will want to know what lines you sell. Others will want to know which carriers you quote. Still more will want to know how long you’ve been in business. Your homepage has to help all these people quickly get to the information they want.

On a landing page, you focus on one offer. Running an ad that offers a free, no-obligation health benefits consultation? That’s what the landing page should be about. That’s what the people who responded to your ad are interested in. If you make it easy for them, you’ll see better results.

No matter what advertising medium you’re using, your landing page has to do at least two things: tell people more about your offer, and make it obvious how they can take advantage of it.

And when you do that, you’ll get more prospects lining up for your offer .

If you use a content management tool, setting up and customizing pages is easy. With the ease of “point, click, and type,” you can have a landing page up in no time.

Landing Pages Help You Improve Your Advertising

When you decide to run an advertisement, how do you decide what it should say? Rely on intuition? Let the ad manager at the local paper write it for you? Use the same ad as last time?

By using a landing page, you can easily measure the results of your ads – and you’ll know quickly if you have a stinker on your hands.

This isn’t a new idea. Direct marketers – the ones who send you “junk” mail and run informercials – have been doing it for 80 years. Those magazine ads that ask you to call a toll-free number and “mention promo code 84XT5″? Or commercials that invite you to “send check or money order to Department DSC650″? That’s ad testing in action. With those promo and department codes, direct marketers get hard numbers about which ads got people to take action.

Landing pages work the same way. When you create a landing page and include its address in one ad only , you’ll know how well that ad did. Just look at the number of hits that page got, and you’ll have a measure of your ad’s success.

You can try variations on the ads that worked, to find out what elements (different headline? different offer?) can make them even better . And you can scrap the ads that aren’t pulling their weight.

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- Jeremiah Desmarais, Norvax
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