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Creating An Easy-Access 24/7 Marketing Library With BrokerOffice

Creating An Easy-Access 24/7 Marketing Library With BrokerOffice

Doesn’t it seem strange to tell an Internet prospect that they’ll get your brochure or application by regular mail in a day or two? Too many agents are still willing to give their prospects time to reconsider or get sold by other agents. But with your BrokerOffice lead management system, every marketing document you have can be sent to any prospect with a few clicks.

As many agents and brokers have learned, BrokerOffice is like a clerical assistant who’s always on top of your leads – and never sleeps.

Regardless of where you are in the world, as long as you can get on the Internet, you can access all your lead data, make calls and stay on top of sales efforts through BrokerOffice’s convenient dashboard.

Instead of having an assistant dig up a file to find a prospect’s phone number, it’s all just a click away on BrokerOffice. But BrokerOffice also tracks your appointments and how many times you’ve “touched” that prospect. You can even send an email to that lead directly from within BrokerOffice.

What the BrokerOffice Document Library can do for you
That email feature combined with the BrokerOffice document library means your prospects don’t have to wait for the mail carrier to deliver your brochures or application forms. Just email it to them while you’re in BrokerOffice and on the phone with them.

The document library is one of BrokerOffice’s most useful features. It already contains the forms and brochures provided by your selected carriers. BrokerOffice users can immediately send these carrier forms and brochures to any lead in the system.

But the document library also allows you to upload your regularly used marketing documents. You can then email any of your documents to any of your leads in under a minute.

Another benefit of uploading all your brochures and forms into your BrokerOffice document library is security. BrokerOffice can back up your most important sales material. If your office is damaged and you don’t have access to your physical brochures and forms, you don’t have to worry. Just go into BrokerOffice and download the documents you need — or send them directly to any prospect that needs them.

Documents you should upload
The document library is like having an online filing cabinet for every written item you’ve produced for your clients and prospects. Here are a just few items to consider uploading into your BrokerOffice document library:

  • •Newsletters
    Do you produce a monthly newsletter for your clients and prospects? Upload the PDF version into your document library and provide it as a useful brochure for new leads.
  • •FAQ sheet
    What are some of the most common questions you get from clients? Put these questions and your answers together in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and upload it into your BrokerOffice system.
  • •Whitepapers
    Whitepapers are useful reports that you can use to support your arguments and recommendations. They can be a review of health insurance trends or an explanation of the application process. When packaged as a brochure, they can be another useful tool for educating prospects.

You should also upload any generic brochures and required disclosure forms, so they’ll be readily available when you’re on line with potential clients.

Setting It Up
Uploading your brochures and forms into your BrokerOffice document library is quick and easy.

First you need to convert all your brochures into PDF format. You’ll usually need a scanner to do this. If you don’t have a scanner, you can fax it to an online service that will convert it into a PDF file and email it to you. But these fax-to-PDF conversions result in poorer quality, so I would recommend investing in a scanner if at all possible.

Once your files are ready, go into BrokerOffice and click on the “Preference” tab. Then choose the “Add a document” option to upload your PDF brochure or forms. The only limitation is that you can only attach one brochure per plan.

It’s that simple. In a few minutes, you’ll have all your important marketing materials online and ready to be sent at a moment’s notice.

So the next time you need to send a brochure or form to an Internet-generated lead, you can serve that prospect online rather than making them wait for snail mail.

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